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Common Scents Canine Resort
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All of our instructors are experienced and caring people who love dogs and love their work. We believe the key to a good program is understanding, patience, practice and communication. Our goal is not only a well-trained and well-adjusted dog, but also a happy one. Harsh methods are neither employed nor tolerated.

Common Scents Canine Resort

Common Scents Canine Resort


Our training philosophy relies on the principles of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, a system which utilizes rewards (food, praise, and other) to bring about permanent changes in behavior. Unlike systems which rely heavily on compulsion, our training not only imparts the necessary skills, but also builds the dog's confidence, strengthens the dogs bond with its owner, and maintains a positive attitude toward learning. Dogs who like their work tend to excel.

Classes (beginner, intermediate and advanced) are comprised of a small number of dogs and owners who work together as a group. The group meets at a specified time once each week for a set number of weeks. The class format included discussion of various topics, socialization with both other dogs and students at the basic level, supervised work on increasingly challenging obedience exercises, and time for questions. Our focus at both the basic and intermediate level is on the practical skills that people want and need for their pet. The advanced class focuses on both practical skills and competitive exercises for dog sport competition. All our classes have multiple instructors and written handouts so that each student receives as much assistance as possible. Weather permitting, classes are conducted both inside and outside on our beautifully manicured grounds to teach the dogs to be responsive under a variety of conditions.


Health requirements for the training programs are the same medical information required for boarding.


The training staff at Common Scents looks forward to serving you. To speak with us about any of our training services. Please give us a call at 248-627-5533. We welcome your inquiries.

Common Scents Canine Resort